Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yummy Lechon Kawali featuring the Yummier Josh Crae

Lechon Kawali is one of my favorite Pinoy dishes. Delicious and easy to make. Just like Crispy Pata, you just have to season it, boil it until tender, freeze it and deep fry it. That's it!

But here's someone even yummier for all you girls out there! My 17er nephew from La Salle whom I like cooking for because he eats everything I feed him with. Not to mention that he eats a lot, too!

Hey girls out there, check out what he's to say about this crispy yet tender slab of pork meat. And do check him out, too! He currently listens to Field Mice, The New Pornographers and surprisingly, New Order Classics like Ceremony, The Perfect Kiss etc.

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