Friday, July 8, 2011


I posted my wishlist of food that i really crave for like cheeseburger, apple pie, slurpee, caramel sundae, pinangat na sapsap, etc..... and delightfully surpriising they are coming in 1 by 1 courtesy of friends and family!

I feel really blessed, it somehow eases my pain. God is really good. Everyday I pray to him that he guide me to last the da and He,s never failed.

Oh Lord, You're beautiful.

Your face is all I seek.

For when Your eyes are on this child,

Your grace abound to me.

I wanna take your Word and shine it all around.

But first help me just to live it, Lord.

And when I'm doing well,

help me to never seek a crown.

For myy

Thursday, July 7, 2011


When I was young, my dream is to experience dextrose! Hahaha! Now, that dream has come true! I'm pierceed with an IV line where the dextrose flows and where they course through other medicines and blood transfusion!

In my 22 days and running here in the hospital, they have transferred my iv line at least in 3 different locations coz I keep on complaining; been through 5 xrays including chest and even abdomen because my stomach is bulged filled mostly with water; Ive had a total of 3 bags of blood transfusion; 1 session in the ultrasound room tring to know what's in my big stomach.

It's not easy lying down all day, all night for 22 days except for some occassional attemps to sit in the wheelchair for no longer than 1 hour occassionally. Right now, my breathing is supported with oxygen.... it used to be not. Sigh.

Still, I'll be staying here for a very long time. treatment takes long and I'll also be enrolled in smoe program. I'll be stayinng here for a very long time. I hope I can survive it!

If You're In The Hospital, You CRAVE!

I'm here at the hospital and all I'm missing right now is tapang kabayo from the famous Spare Strike eatery in BANGKAL. Oh the goodness it brings to the mouth! Pair it with sinangag and sunny side up egg and dipped in vinegar with sili, oh my!

People flock there to eat and be merry! This shots were from way back sitting in my archives. I wish I can recover soon so I can visit spare strike soon!



My cousins. I took the pic!