Friday, July 8, 2011


I posted my wishlist of food that i really crave for like cheeseburger, apple pie, slurpee, caramel sundae, pinangat na sapsap, etc..... and delightfully surpriising they are coming in 1 by 1 courtesy of friends and family!

I feel really blessed, it somehow eases my pain. God is really good. Everyday I pray to him that he guide me to last the da and He,s never failed.

Oh Lord, You're beautiful.

Your face is all I seek.

For when Your eyes are on this child,

Your grace abound to me.

I wanna take your Word and shine it all around.

But first help me just to live it, Lord.

And when I'm doing well,

help me to never seek a crown.

For myy


  1. Welcome back Joel! Keep them coming!!!

  2. How are you na....hope you are well, wish ko sana you keep on blogging, just found your the food you make and stories you tell, meron kang magic!