Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pekeng gourmet para sa masang foodie!

I tried googling my blog title Birth, School, Work, Death and it yielded several blogs at blogspot with the same title and some BSWD topics about the original work by the Godfathers. So, I decided to change my blog title to something more appropriate for the topics I post here. From now on this blog will be known as THE QUACK CHEF : Pekeng gourmet para sa masang foodie!

To celebrate the new title for my blog, I'm posting this Pinakbet Pizza which I just made (invented?) days ago.

Looks like any other pizza but beneath the cheese you'll find slices of okra, kalabasa and inihaw na talong.

The base sauce is made up of tomato paste and shrimp paste-- the kind na hindi maalat. It's more of a dinurog na hipon na pinagmantika sa gata ng niyog. Sarap!

I grilled the eggplant to give it a smokey flavor and aroma.


  1. very innovative... u've got to make this for uz next time we're home...

  2. thanks mr. beancounter. tagal kong inisip yang pangalan na yan. i hope it's original enough!