Monday, September 6, 2010

Leftover on Fine China

(A typical weekend dinner in our house with the kids )

Party's over and there's some leftover food in the fridge. We didn't get to eat much during the party because we were busy entertaining the guests, ensuring they are having fun and enjoyment.

And so, the dinner after is our chance to savor the delicious food we prepared, alas all that is left are, you guessed it...leftovers!

As usual, it's difficult to keep Jeiel at the dinner table.

Talk normally, whisper, shout, rant....the kids will not come. When calling the kids to the dinner table, nothing beats sounding this cast iron bell.

Despite that, we enjoyed dining with our new set of dinnerware that is zen-inspired in design look and feel. Nevermind if we're eating leftover food as long as we eat on fine china!

It feels like fine dining.

The four-piece dinnerware set consists of an entree plate that is so supersized, it can double as a serving plate, too; a starter plate that we use as our main plate for everyday use, a soup bowl reminiscent of Japanese rice topping bowl and a mug.

The color is that of the sea, neither green nor blue but both! And it has this soft and subtle finish to it that calms you. It looks good on our kamagong table.

We enjoyed dining with the new dinnerware as much as we enjoyed dining together and the leftover food.

Food styled? No! Ate Cielo just dumped this leftover ribs into the bowl and it turned out to be magazine material!

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