Sunday, September 5, 2010

Send Off Party for the Roños

We gave a sendoff party to the Roños whose family will be migrating to the US this Wednesday. They are one of the closest family friends we ever have and so it is just fitting to celebrate the friendship (which definitely is not going to end upon their departure) and the new chapter in the Roño family's life.

On the impromptu menu is a combination of Chinese and Italian dishes that, as expected, was a hit! For the main entree, I prepared Chinese sweet and spicy ribs, the recipe of which I cannot share because of proprietary reasons. The ribs will be featured on the menu of an upcoming Grill and Bar where my contract has a confidentiality clause. I'm honored to serve this dish to the Roños and I also feel they are lucky to preview the shape of things to come.

To accompany the main feature, I also prepared an Asian salad to get the ball rolling on the dining table. The salad is made of raw bean sprouts, carrots, white onion, steamed tofu, fried wanton wrappers, sesame seeds and a dressing of sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar.

Of course i will never ever forget to serve the Roños' favorite Crispy Pata. Same old dish for same old faces, I guess. We have it every single party, every time; so much so that it has become the single most served dish on our table. Ever!

Then, for merienda, while we're busy on the videoke, I made a simple lasagna as requested by Ate Cielo. It was a four layer one with the usual tomato-meat and creamcheese sauces, garnished with basil leaves and green bell peppers. There was button mushrooms, too!

Flowers and foilage were provided for by our garden, arranged rustically by Ate Cielo with her super creativity. That saved us around P200 in achieving the mood we're trying to set.

We will certainly miss the Roños especially Jerson whom we all call NINONG. We feel a little bit sad that we're parting ways but we are definitely glad that their dreams are starting to come true.

I, personally wish them all the best that their new life has to offer! Happy trip and always remember.... always eat right! (And that means eating as much as your tummies want!)

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