Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Been Such A While

Goodtimes at eclipse with co-employees and guests.
There was I, the one with the thinnest hair!

Yeah, it's been months since my last post on The Quack Chef. The reason? I became soooo busy being a real chef at eclipse resto, bar and grill in Remedios, Malate. Try it out, it's one of the better place in that part of the world. Food is great but affordable. They have this unbeatable offer of FREE MEXICAN PIZZA for every 2 buckets of beer you order!

Anyway, now that I'm back to being the Quack Chef, I hope I'll have more time blogging and write about my real passion: Food, Festival, Fun!

I was digging into the archives and found these photos I long meant to publish. These were from my last commissioned cooking before I accepted the eclipse offer. It's Danny's Birthday which coincided with their barrio fiesta in San Pablo City.

One of the highlights of the ocasion was the Palo-Sebo where it took adults and children close to 2 hours to succeed in pocketing the jackpot price atop the greased bamboo! Twas really fun!

Beef Steak, one of my client's favorite. Always a feature everytime I cook for them.

This is my version of Chicken Cordon Bleu. Unlike most I tasted which are steamed, mine is pounded chicken breast rolled with ham, minced sausage and japanese bread crumbs, then fried to golden brown. Makes it more tender. The sauce is made up of cream cheese and chives.

But perhaps the most celebrated dish is my signature dish-- Pork Hamonado. I'll share with you the recipe some other time. I'm quite in a hurry rightnow and I don't have enough internet credits to do that.

It's interesting to see what Danny's been collecting in all his travels here and abroad.... below are some curious artifacts that dot his property.

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  1. i don't know how to cook pork hamonado.
    yours looks delicious. I'll be waiting for the recipe.