Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Golden Pakwan

It's summer and the heat is definitely getting into the skin, intensifying by the day. Yesterday it was 30C, today it's 33C! OMG, 2 more days and I'll die of dehydration! But despite the killing heat, I love summer! The sun, the beach and of course he summer fruits!

Sweetest of them all is the watermelon! It has the most water, too! (Well, maybe next to Singkamas!)

Nowadays, you can find lots of variety of watermelon in the market. The classic, gigantic round, deep green-skinned with the reddest red flesh inside and the distinctive seeds scattered all over; the elongated light green ones that resemble kundols.... and I found this golden type that at first you'll think is not sweet enough.

Yes, I thought, too, at first taste. Maybe because it's not red. But when I bit into it with my eyes closed, believe me, it's sweeter than sugar!

Next time you are browsing the market for fruits, look for some of these golden watermelons that IMEE MARCOS has been promoting for years now.

Apparently, the variety was bred in the Ilocos by Ilocano scientists!

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