Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Andrew Zimmern

Another of my favorite food personalities is Andrew Zimmern. He hosts Bizarre Foods, a food/travel show showcasing the most, well, bizarre foods all over the world; country by country, locale by locale.

This man is so lovable and adorable with his bald head, chubby body and his engaging way of telling story. He's so hilarious. He explains the taste of every odd food he puts in his mouth detail by detail making you feel like you are tasting them as well.

Of course the Philippines, as bizarre a country as it is, did not escape this adventure seeking big, bald man. He went to Manila to find Balut (duck embryo) and did a comprehensive feature about it. It's origin, its relation to our culture as an amalgamated society, the way it's produced and of course, its taste. He literally ate a Balut and was actually surprised that he liked it!

But he found a lot more bizarre-ness than what he meant to look for. There was the fried day-old chick, fishballs and quikiam, crickets and frogs, blood stew, edible larvae, etc.

The most bizarre thing that ever caught his attention while staying in Manila was not in the original storyline but had made it to the cut: Ice Cream Sandwich!

It's as common as Jeepney in our country but here's a guy who was astonished as one can get about this street delicacy that is found only in the Philippines!

Check out Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on Discovery Travel and Living.

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