Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visiting Mom

Mother dear eating spaghetti.  We had fun together at the hypermarket this morning.

I've been meaning to visit my mother for the longest time and finally I had the chance to do so this weekend.  It was mid-May when we last saw each other and despite exchanging frequent calls and text messages, seeing her personally puts the  connection to a different level.

I arrived home Saturday afternoon and I was welcomed with a mug of Nescafe with CoffeeMate and 2 tsp washed sugar--the usual.  It's nice and relaxing having chit-chats with mother, Nonoy and Kuya Munding over cups and cups of coffee.  I brought them the biggest Monay I could find and they were amazed by the sheer size of the P50.oo monay I bought from Maligaya Bakery!

Cousin Elsa's MotherCat. It has four kittens whom she nurses simultaneously.

After drowning from liters and liters of caffeine, I then went to WalterMart to buy earphones for my digital media player from CD-R King and browsed the mall a little.  On the way home, I dropped by my tambayan and stayed for a while and exchanged stories with my friends.  Of course I also went to my longtime barber and had my head shaved for just P40.00.

Next stop: courtesy call to my financier/cousin Elsa who is the lending diva for all things consumerist and disposable. I paid my dues.  I played with her cats and I was soon off to home.

Dinner was inihaw na paa ng manok, also known as Adidas; and headphones--grilled chicken head.  I ate too much.

Then the rest of the night was spent on the internet until the unholy hour of 2am the next morning; updating FB status, downloading/converting youtube videos, peeking from time to time in some adult sites, making blogs and YMing friends.

I kissed the dogs goodnight and laid my back on the sofa.

Cousin Mak-Mak giving his dog a bath.

I was awakened by the licking of Dwight and Pepito, our mini-pinscher dogs.  It was 8 am.  Mother bought me my favorite pancit malabon from the market and I ate it with the monay.  

Internet again.  I wanted to maximize use of the unlimited Globe Supersurf 50 which I paid P50.00 for unlimited surfing for a full 24 hours; stopping for cigarettes, play with the dogs, staring at the fish and gossiping with my cousins.

I saw Mak-mak, my dog-loving cousin giving one of his dogs a bath at the sidewalk of our street.

Then mother and I went to SM Hypermarket just across our street to buy Roasted Chicken for lunch.  We browsed a bit and I ended up buying a set of underwear and deodorant.  She bought a pair of slippers and some grocery.  I decided to make spaghetti for the afternoon's merienda and so I bought the ingredients.

Mother and I were very happy as we walk towards home with our best buys.

I cooked this spaghetti. 

We had lunch and the chicken was very delicious and satisfying.  We left some intended for dinner later but my brother Ryan came and ate it up.  That's fine.  It was nice seeing him and hearing his always never-ending stories about the happenings in his life.

The sofa seemed pulling me to its coziness and so inviting me for a nap but I refused, deciding instead to go online. Blog, blog, blog!  

After a while, I cooked the pasta. Then came the couple Kent and Michelle, desperately looking for LPG gas.  Mother lent them her reserve tank.  It was also nice seeing them.

Peng liked my link on FB--my blog about Meatless Kare-Kare.

I also put creamcheese sauce for more cheesy taste.

We ate spaghetti and left some for Ryan and his family.  I went again to Elsa and we had fun laughing about other people's lives.  Then I went to the riles ng tren to get Banaba for my mother.

Our street.

Finally, I took a bath and said goodbye.