Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting The Beans

Since I started food blogging just this year, the one person who really never missed a single post is the Beancounter who is a long time food blogger himself. He makes efforts to like my links on facebook and comments on blogspot. That is impossible to reciprocate because he has written hundreds and hundreds of posts mostly about their dinner, their eating out and their travels. And he writes like the food writers you read on food magazines! He also is a great photographer. I admire his stunning shots even on mundane subjects as dahon ng sili. I swear I’ll set a Beancounter Day when I’ll pay for an eight-hour internet block time in my favorite cybercaf√© just to read his blog in its entirety! No Facebook, no Youtube (and Youporn!), no CNET, no NYT online no nothing!

A screenshot of his blog. Check this out at

I’m posting this first article of a series of posts (about foodies, chefs and food celebrities I like) as a gesture of my appreciation for the Beancounter’s patronage of my blog despite how novice, amateurish and so-so I write. Most of the time, I’m writing with only him in mind, incorporating the humor that I know would make him laugh knowing that he’s gonna read my post. In fact, he’s the only one that I’m certain would read my posts! Believe me, fewer than the number of fingers in both my hands and feet read my blog regularly. Some are random readers thanks to the “next blog” clickable at the top of the page. Still, I just carry on with my dream of becoming the next chez pim. And Beancounter.

I won’t spill the beans on his identity because I’ve not asked permission from him, the Beancounter is based outside the country for many, many years now yet he’s a die hard fanatic of Pinoy food and culture. In his blog you’ll see scores, if not hundreds, of articles about Filipino cuisine and his love affair with it.

Check out this great and legendary (not the kind na buhay pa, muka nang alamat ha!) blogger by clicking the link below or type the typographically erroneous on your browser.


  1. I very much appreciate this The Quack Chef...

    I'm speechless... It's just like winning an award bro...

    And yes, i enjoy reading your posts very much... they make me laugh indeed! One of the wittiest food blogs around...

  2. btw, i'll reimburse the cost of your Beancounter day when we meet next time... hehehehehehe... did you say yellow Northface t-shirt? hehehehehe

  3. You got it! Yellow nga! hahaha! But seriously, you deserve a Webby!