Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fruit of Passion

Aren't they lovely?
I was watching "4 Ingredients" yesterday and they featured a dessert made of Passion Fruit Yoghurt and fresh berries frozen to make sorbet. Then this morning, I was amazed to find some Passion fruits in the market. I immediately grabbed some.

The seeds are like that of the Dragon Fruit's
Passion fruit is not a regular fare in the market unlike other fruits like guyabano or pomelo, You are lucky if you spot a few vendors selling them on regular days. They are generally not treated as a delicacy by the public despite their rareness; instead they are seen as wild forest fruit in the likes of manzanitas, yambo and starfruit which have a following on a certain limited demographic (usually older people).

Elementary kids like it for its asim.
Chances are, you are more likely to find passion fruit in elementary schools hawked alongside green mangoes, santol and "sundot-kulangot" (a small bamboo vessel containing molasses that you pick with a bamboo stick). The kids like its asim taste. The more sour it is, the better it sells.

Doesn't that look delicious?
I, too, have seldom encountered passion fruit. Like, in my entire life, I have only eaten the actual fruit about 20 times yet. That's less than twice a year. But I do consume food products that contain passion fruit as in yogurt, juices and confectionery.

I would describe it as a yellow round citrus with quite a hard skin (not that would give when you press it). Inside you'll see black seeds surrounded by juicy yellowish pulp that are not segmented unlike most citruses. You take out the pulp with a spoon or even with just your tongue or teeth and the juices will burst in your mouth wonderfully. You can choose tos pit out the soft seed or swallow them. It tastes citrusy like a lemon or calamansi, only sweeter.

I made a juice drink out of it.

Another way to enjoy it is by making a juice drink out of it. I made one this morning.

Passion Fruit Lemonade

The pulp of 5pcs Passion Fruits
1/2 cup simple syrup
1/2 liter drinking water
ice to fill the pitcher

Mix everything together in a pitcher and serve.


  1. you can buy passionfruit drinks here Joel! Some w/ fizz, some w/o, some combined with other fruit juices...

  2. buti pa dyan, popular ang passionfruit. uwian mo nga ako pag bakasyon nyo! hehhehe!

    dito, ang marami is yung mga anak ng passion!!!