Monday, May 24, 2010

Burlesk Fish

Here's one tasty fish that you can try. It's not always available in the market coz it's seasonal. It appears mostly during summertime but I've seen it also during September through December.
I don't know what its real name but people call it Burles or Borles meaning nude. Maybe because of it's silvery, non-scaled skin. It has a disproportionate head over its body that makes it looks like an alien fish.

Nevertheless, its flesh is so tasty when fried. It's got very little bones that makes it great for filleting.

I have only cooked it fried, I haven't tried making a soupy dish of it like sinigang. It's quite sticky when you fry it on non-stick pans that's why it is best if you dredge it in seasoned flour first. My mother marinate this fish in soysauce and calamansi first before frying.
I like it dipped in ketchup!

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